Meet the Team

Dental Assistants

At Kenway Dental Care, our dental assistants are integral members of our team, playing a vital role in ensuring that every aspect of your dental care experience is smooth, efficient, and comfortable. They are meticulously involved in the preparation of the treatment and clinical areas, setting the stage for a seamless dental visit. Their responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, from performing simple laboratory procedures like pouring and trimming study models, to providing direct dental assistance during procedures.



Chuchi Castillo

Chuchi, a veteran in the dental realm, embarked on her journey with Kenway Dental Care in August 2000. Over the years, she has amassed a formidable educational portfolio, including a degree in dentistry, credentials as a dental assistant, and qualifications as a personal support worker. Her educational endeavors also encompass an undergraduate degree in education. At the heart of her daily tasks, Chuchi finds the most joy in assisting clients and patients, ensuring that they leave the office with beaming smiles.

Beyond the clinical setting, Chuchi cherishes the bonds of her family. Happily wedded to her supportive husband, they are parents to two delightful children. The family's moments of togetherness define Chuchi's leisure time. She deeply values the camaraderie and friendly ambiance of Kenway Dental Care, making it a nurturing workplace where both her professional skills and her inherent compassion shine brightly. Chuchi's blend of vast experience and unwavering commitment has made her an indispensable asset to the Kenway Dental Care family.



Cecilia S. De Leon

Cecilia has been a dedicated member of Kenway Dental Care since 2000, the same year she delved into the realm of dentistry. Her expertise revolves around providing dental assistance, meticulously ensuring the sterilization and disinfection of dental instruments, and skillfully taking dental impressions. Additionally, she can fabricate night guards with precision. With an impressive academic background, Cecilia boasts a degree in Dentistry and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Secretarial Management at Philippines Women's University. For her, the true reward lies in witnessing patients leave the office with contented smiles, reflecting the care and commitment she pours into her work.

Away from her professional pursuits, Cecelia finds solace in the embrace of her family. She is blissfully married and is a proud mother to a radiant daughter. When not immersed in dental responsibilities, she enjoys delving into captivating books or taking leisurely strolls in the park alongside her husband. For Cecelia, her colleagues at Kenway Dental Care transcend the traditional work bond—they're family, and this strong kinship fuels her enduring passion for her role.



Richel Grego

Richel is an esteemed member of the Kenway Dental Care team, bringing her expertise as an intraoral certified dental assistant Level II to the practice. Her passion lies in educating patients about oral health, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to maintain and improve their dental well-being. This aspect of her role brings her immense satisfaction, as she helps patients understand the importance of dental hygiene. Richel's enthusiasm for patient education is a vital part of our clinic's mission to provide comprehensive care.

Outside of her professional life, Richel is deeply family-oriented. She is happily married and a proud mother to two smart and beautiful daughters. Together, they share a love for engaging in MMO games. Additionally, Richel enjoys the thrill of riding her electronic unicycle during the summer, showcasing her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors.



Hazel Malate

Hazel brings her expertise as an intraoral dental assistant, qualified in both Level I and II. Her role is marked by a deep passion for assisting in intricate dental procedures like root canal treatment and dental fillings. Hazel finds great satisfaction in these complex tasks, which are crucial for restoring and maintaining the oral health of patients. Her favorite moments at work come from the successful completion of these challenging procedures, knowing she has played a key role in improving a patient’s dental health.

Hazel is a devoted single mother to two kind, smart, and adorable children. Her personal life revolves around her family, with a special love for cooking and preparing meals that bring them together. Hazel’s combination of professional dedication and personal warmth make her a cherished member of our team, contributing significantly to the positive and friendly atmosphere at Kenway Dental Care.


Dental Administrators

At Kenway Dental Care, our dental administrators are the backbone of our clinic, ensuring that every administrative facet of your visit is managed with precision and care. They stand at the forefront as patient and customer service representatives, taking charge of tasks that set the tone for a streamlined and hassle-free experience. Not only do they handle scheduling appointments efficiently, but they also play a crucial role in billing insurances, sending predeterminations, and diligently following up on claims. Their comprehensive responsibilities encompass a vast array of administrative duties that are pivotal in keeping the dental practice running smoothly. Moreover, they make sure the office runs smoothly, while always being available to guide our patients regarding their treatment plans and the associated fees. At every step, they embody the commitment of Kenway Dental Care to provide outstanding service and ensure our patients feel well-informed and valued.



Nelly Ramirez

Nelly, our dedicated team member at Kenway Dental Care, boasts a rich background in the dental field. She initially launched her career as a medical lab tech and later ventured into dentistry. With two years of experience at another dental facility under her belt, Nelly joined the Kenway Dental family, where she's now been an integral part for nearly 15 years. Throughout her tenure, she has taken immense joy in witnessing our patients leave the office with smiles of satisfaction, marking her favorite part of the job.

Her relationship with the doctors and the rest of the team goes beyond mere professional camaraderie. Treating one another with mutual respect and understanding, they have cultivated an environment that feels more like a family. And speaking of family, outside of her professional life, Nelly loves spending time with her beloved daughter, Natalie. She is also an avid outdoor enthusiast. Whether it's hiking, snowboarding, or golfing, she's always up for an adventure. A true animal lover at heart, Nelly has a soft spot for both cats and dogs. Food holds a special place in her life too - she's both a gourmet and a gourmand, enjoying cooking sumptuous dishes as much as she loves dining out. With Nelly on our team, not only do we have a seasoned professional but also a vibrant personality that adds warmth to Kenway Dental Care.


Ericka Sarah Domingo

Sarah possesses a profound background in the dental field, fortified by her education in pre-dentistry and dental hygiene. Her expertise is evident in her role at Kenway Dental Care, where she passionately contributes to patient care. Assisting stands out as her favorite task, a testament to her hands-on approach and dedication. The seamless camaraderie she feels with her colleagues stems from their shared work ethic and the comfort she finds in collaborating with such dedicated individuals.

Away from the dental chair, Sarah's life is a whirlwind of activity. A sports enthusiast at heart, she thrives on the adrenaline of volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, and even a touch of golf. Her zest for life extends to her love for her Beta fish and her prowess as a certified Lash Technician. Fitness plays a pivotal role in her daily routine, with gym sessions and visits to batting cages keeping her active and invigorated. Ericka's dynamic blend of professional expertise and vivacious personal interests makes her a cherished member of the Kenway Dental Care team.


Galle Lagman

Clarence Galle, often affectionately referred to as "Galle" by her friends, brings a unique blend of expertise to Kenway Dental Care. He boasts a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, complemented by postgraduate studies in human resources management. Such a diverse educational background empowers Clarence to interact seamlessly with our diverse patient base, something she lists as her favorite aspect of the job. It's the smiles and satisfaction of these patients that drive him every day.

On a personal note, Clarence's life is filled with love and joy. She's been happily married for five years and, while she and her husband don't have children, they dote on their beloved dog, Bruno. In her downtime, Clarence can often be found immersed in a book or whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen. Her passion for reading and cooking, coupled with her unwavering dedication to patient care, makes Clarence an invaluable member of the Kenway Dental family.



Jimmy Loyd Bringas

Jimmy, our dynamic dental administrator at Kenway Dental Care, brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Starting his journey with us in 2021, he quickly became an indispensable part of the team. While Jimmy might not have a traditional background in the dental field – being a graduate in midwifery, graphic design, and interactive media – his diverse skills have made a significant impact on our office. Notably, Jimmy manages our visual marketing campaigns on social media and crafts print designs for page layouts, making our brand's presence more vibrant and engaging.

What truly sets Jimmy apart is his continuous thirst for learning. Every day, he looks forward to expanding his knowledge, be it in customer service, dental terminologies, or honing his graphic design skills. The passion and dedication he brings resonate well with our entire team, making working alongside him an absolute pleasure. On a personal note, Jimmy's vivacious personality makes him the social butterfly of our team. Creative, crafty, and always up for a challenge, his artistic flair shines through, whether he's taking on a design task or expressing his love for music through song and his special tattoo. With Jimmy on board, Kenway Dental Care's administrative and creative fronts are in incredibly talented hands.



Rachel del Rosario

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Sciences with a double major in Nutrition and Health Disease, a testament to her dedication and passion for healthcare. At the core of her professional journey lies her unwavering commitment to the well-being of our patients. She cherishes every opportunity she gets to assist them, taking immense satisfaction in seeing their happiness after each visit.

Outside the realms of dentistry, Rachel is an adventurous spirit who is always eager to explore new experiences. From binge-watching TV shows to attending live concerts, she has a broad spectrum of interests. Music holds a special place in her heart, and she often finds solace in long walks, which she considers therapeutic. Not to forget her penchant for coffee – she's always on the lookout to try a new brew from different shops. Rachel's multifaceted personality and dedication make her an indispensable part of the Kenway Dental family.


Dental Hygienist

At Kenway Dental Care, our dental hygienists are the torchbearers of optimal oral health for our patients. They deliver top-tier dental hygiene care, dedicatedly working towards helping clients achieve and maintain excellent oral hygiene. Through meticulous procedures, they combat and prevent gum disease by eradicating bacterial build-up and plaque using specialized equipment. Patient screenings, inclusive of taking detailed medical histories, are integral to their role, ensuring that every aspect of oral health is accounted for. Furthermore, they excel in the debridement of the patient's teeth and gingiva, ensuring a thorough clean. Whether it's dental cleaning, teeth polishing, fluoride treatments, or detailed oral hygiene instructions, our hygienists cover it all with finesse.



Eileen Domingo

Meet Eileen, a dedicated dental hygienist at Kenway Dental Care. With a diploma in dental hygiene complemented by an Associate's in Applied Science in Nutrition and Food, Eileen brings a holistic approach to oral health care. Passionate about her profession, she cherishes the opportunity to help people, striving to provide the best oral health care possible.

Working in tandem with our doctors and staff, Eileen feels at home in our office, describing her colleagues as nothing short of family. Outside of her professional life, Eileen is deeply devoted to her family, which includes her loving husband and their five children. With the kids involved in numerous extracurricular activities, there's never a dull moment in the household. Eileen relishes the bustling family life, finding joy in the chaos and treasuring every moment spent together. Eileen embodies the spirit of dedication and warmth, ensuring every patient feels cared for during their visit.



Angela Berba

Angela, a distinguished dental hygienist, honed her skills at George Brown College and graduated in 2014. At Kenway Dental Care, she has emerged as an instrumental figure. Angela's proficiency is particularly evident when she conducts digital scans for aligners, a task she undertakes with utmost precision. It brings her immense joy to exhibit to patients the possible transformation of their smiles following an invisalign or suresmile treatment. Kenway Dental Care's vibrant ambiance resonates with Angela's dynamic spirit. She shares a camaraderie with the doctors and her team that's infused with enthusiasm and mutual respect, ensuring the workplace is always buzzing with positivity.

When she steps away from her professional duties, Angela's life is equally vibrant. She shares a deep bond with Zeus, her sprightly and endearing canine companion. The sunnier seasons find her reveling in the company of loved ones, making the most of every sun-drenched moment. In a recent adventurous twist, Angela has taken to the slopes, embracing the exhilarating sport of snowboarding. With a perfect amalgamation of dedication to her craft and a passion for life's pleasures, Angela stands out as a cherished gem in the Kenway Dental Care community.



Ervin Merana

Ervin, an esteemed dental hygienist at Kenway Dental Care, embarked on his enriching journey in the dental sphere in 2014. His academic credentials shine brightly, underscored by a dental hygiene advanced diploma from George Brown College. Within our clinic, Ervin is not just known for his exceptional skills but also for his innate ability to foster and nurture enduring relationships with our patients. This aspect, to him, stands as the most rewarding facet of his profession.

Away from the sterilized instruments and dental chairs, Ervin's persona takes a delightful turn. An avid food enthusiast, he revels in exploring varied eateries, constantly on the hunt for the next culinary gem. His athletic side manifests in his love for sports, notably basketball and spike ball. On his coveted days off, one might find Ervin pushing his limits at the gym or indulging in his gaming passions from the comfort of his home. His spontaneous spirit ensures he remains ever-ready for last-minute adventures, making him an exciting companion in both social settings and unexpected escapades. This captivating mix of dedication, expertise, and vivacity solidifies Ervin's position as a vital cog in the Kenway Dental Care machine.



Agnes M. Cortez

Agnes, a prominent figure in the realm of dental medicine, achieved her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with distinction. At Kenway Dental Care, she's recognized not just for her academic accomplishments, but also for her hands-on expertise. When Agnes engages in medical history taking or demonstrates her meticulousness in debridement, her passion and precision shine through. This dedication ensures that patients receive top-tier care, from discussing their concerns to the detailed scaling of their teeth. The amiable and accommodating nature of the doctors at Kenway Dental Care perfectly aligns with Agnes's own professional ethos, creating a harmonious and productive environment.

Beyond the clinic, Agnes is a culinary enthusiast with a particular penchant for baking and cooking. Her personal life is enriched by the company of her devoted husband and the pride she takes in her two accomplished adult children. While Agnes might describe herself as reserved, her warmth and depth are evident to those fortunate enough to know her. Her commitment to her profession combined with her deep-rooted family values cements her status as an invaluable member of the Kenway Dental Care family.